Your guide to Dishwasher installation and replacement costs

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Cost to Repair Dishwasher

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing up a tasty meal and realizing you have stacks of dishes to handle. A dishwasher can help cut down on your chore time, and they actually use way less water than hand-washing dishes! (Who knew?)


Some people put off getting a dishwasher because they are worried about costs. The good news is that a dishwasher is one of the least expensive kitchen appliances out there. You can actually find models that just cost a few hundred dollars, and labor for installation isn't too pricey, either.

Getting an idea of dishwasher installation costs can help you plan ahead and find options that suit your budget.

Typical Dishwasher Installation Costs

When looking at dishwasher installation, there are a few different costs to consider. The biggest investment will be for the cost of the appliance itself. According to Consumer Reports, there is a pretty big range in dishwasher prices. Low-end models can cost around $380. However, there are also luxury dishwasher models that can be priced at $2,300 or more.

The next thing to look at when calculating your dishwasher installation costs is the price of the labor itself. Many homeowners will need a professional to come and hook up their dishwasher to water supplies, drain lines, and electrical outlets. If the hookups are already in place, this may just cost around $50 to $100. In houses where no dishwasher hookups exist, expect to pay around $200 for installation.

Factors That Increase Dishwasher Installation Costs

Dishwasher installation costs vary so much because of the wide range in features. Pricier models tend to have a lot of high-tech options, like custom-wash cycles and smartphone-syncing capability. In some cases, you may be paying extra for style, with trendier top control designs or unusual colors resulting in higher price tags.

A more functional reason for cost differences is the materials the dishwasher is made from. A major difference between dishwasher models is whether the interior is made of plastic or stainless steel. Dishwashers made of metal are better able to resist corrosion and high heat, and metal also results in a quieter and more energy-efficient washer.

When hiring someone to install the dishwasher, it's important to ensure they're familiar with some of these features. You want the dishwasher installed correctly and ready to operate as soon as the job is done. Some professionals may charge more for extra services that will get you there.

How Much Should You Spend on Dishwasher Installation Costs?

Dishwashers are one of those home improvements where you should not go for the cheapest option. In some cases, the most affordable dishwashers sometimes tend to break down quickly. By investing in a quality dishwasher, you can get an appliance that will last about seven to 12 years, on average.

This does not necessarily mean you need a $2,000 dishwasher. It just means you may want to pay an extra $100 to get a higher-quality model. Dishwashers around the $500 range typically offer the ideal combination of quality and budget-friendliness. If you want to save, skip on nonessential features like auto-run cycles and just pay extra for a stainless-steel tub. This will result in a more durable machine.

Keep Your New Dishwasher Running Like New

Once you get your new dishwasher, make sure it is protected. Basic home insurance does not typically cover essential appliances like dishwashers, so you may want to consider a comprehensive dishwasher home warranty plan.

Being prepared with an Appliance plan from HomeServe helps to provide peace of mind and can help with covered repairs to protect your finances from unexpected breakdowns. See what appliance plans are available in your area.